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Panda Bear It – Local rapper Kamus Leonardo’s world is upended upon the sudden death of his girlfriend Destiny. To make matters worse he’s hanging out with a panda bear. 2020 RockSet Productions.


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Episode 45 – (Learning With Our Fellow Creatives) “Season 3 Recap” Convincing Creatives

After 15 interview episodes season three of Convincing Creatives Podcast is officially wrapped! We learned a ton! Here in this bonus episode we discuss what we learned across this past season and how to apply it going forward to be the best creatives we can be. In a clip show format! Thank you for all […]
  1. Episode 45 – (Learning With Our Fellow Creatives) “Season 3 Recap”
  2. Episode 44 – (Oliver William Smith) “Impact Through Filmmaking”
  3. Episode 43 – (Melissa Maerz) “The Oral History of Richard Linklater’s Dazed & Confused”
  4. Episode 42 – (Dan Perlman) “Comedy, Drama, & Making Flatbush Misdemeanors for Showtime”
  5. Episode 41 – (Dayna Reggero) “Listening To Our Climate”