Art Education at East Carolina University

This was a short recruitment video that I developed for the Art Education department at East Carolina University as an educational project to spark interest with potential high schoolers wanting to major in the Art Education concentration.


Bad Tip

Three petty thieves get roped into a heist that seems too good to be true. They soon learn that one of their own has a much more romanticized vision of their scheme than the rest. Written and directed by Evan Kidd. 2013 RockSet Productions. Starring Jeff Hill, Daure Stinson, and Jon Aguilar. Filmed on the Canon 7D. Bad Tip is a RockSet Production.


My latest short film “Kin” is here! This drama which tells the story of two brothers and the consequences that arrise when a brother’s drug addictions begin to take their toll.

This is by far the most intensive/edgy narrative film that I’ve worked on. Starring Jon Aguilar, Thor Hagen, and Gregory Whitfield. Filmed on the Canon 7D.

Directed/Written by Evan Kidd. 2013 RockSet Productions.

Spazz Out!

I am pleased to share with you the culmination of what I’ve been working on for the last five months. My documentary film “Spazz Out!” is here. This film tells the story of Spazz Fest. A small town music festival that takes place annually in Greenville, North Carolina. The film explores just what it is that makes this festival so important to the community, and how it has grown since it’s inception.

If you enjoyed the film, be sure to share it! It only takes a moment, and helps spread the word about Spazz Fest, live music, and the bands/artists featured in the film. Huge thanks to the countless people who’ve donated, supported, promoted this films since the start. You guys truly rock. Enjoy the film! Directed by Evan Kidd. 2013 RockSet Productions.