Musically Bound: A Story of Local Music – Making A Documentary Film

Hey there everyone, hope you’re all doing well. I know that it’s been a while since I’ve done a proper blog post here on the website. What I mean by that is something like an article such as this, full of awesomely detailed text. Jokes aside, I want to start things off by saying that Musically Bound is coming along great! I’m really lucky to be able to work with such a talented array of bands and artists on this project. All of whom are also students here at ECU, which is just awesome. If you don’t know, the artists featured in the documentary are The Maple Street BandBroken AngelToni DevonDevin Adams, and Matt Phillips. Be sure and check all of these guys out, they’ve got some really great tunes.

The Maple Street Band playing live on February 16th at The Tipsy Teapot in Greenville, North Carolina.

Making on a documentary film is a completely different beast entirely from other generes of film. This is something I’ve come to learn first hand, while creating Musically Bound. I’m very excited to begin my documentary film career with this piece. I feel that documentaries are incredibly important to film, because they give you such look an intimate into the world around us. You literally get to watch events unfold before you in real time as they happen. These are events that have real stories and people attached to them. You really get a chance to see new and unique things that you otherwise wouldn’t necessarily get to see. This unique look into life is the reason I’m creating a documentary film.

Toni Devon, in the studio recording.

When filming you don’t have time to over-think, because if you do you’ll miss something. I want to capture these artists as they are, and don’t want them to feel any different just because the camera is rolling. I want the experience to genuinely reflect them as they are. I’ve found that making a documentary is a mix of go with the flow filmmaking, and copious amounts of pre-production. You contact people, plan out what you need to film, and figure out how that event will fit into the documentary. Afterwards you let the experience unfold and capture it as best you can to fit the documentary. It’s a very freeing and exciting way to film.

Additionally I’m a HUGE fan of music. I listen to all genres of music, including everything from orchestral to funk. You really get a greater appreciation for music by listening to as many genres as possible. Music is such an important part of our culture, and absolutely deserves to be brought to the forefront of peoples attention. With as many artists as their are today, its hard to make a name for yourself or your band. Using this documentary as a vehicle to showcase these artists is a great way for people to recognize the pool of talent that local music can offer.

As of this posting, I’m roughly 75% done with filming. In the coming weeks, I’ll be wrapping up production, and moving into post-production. I’m really excited to start editing this film, and really mold it into something cool. As far as a release date goes, I’m aiming for sometime this June. That may change of course, but it’s looking like that’ll pan out. I plan on uploading the full feature film to my Youtube channel BassRockSet. I’m also planning a small batch of special edition DVDs that’ll be packed with extras. No plans on a date for that, or if it’ll happen for certain, but it’s something that I’d like to do.

I just want to end this post by thanking each and every one of my fans, and supporters. You guys are awesome. I’m really excited to get this film out to you guys here soon, and I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it. If you want to help support the project, please share this post and the film’s trailer to help get the word out. Every little bit helps. Thanks again everyone, and I’ll talk to you soon.

– Evan